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The Curse Of Hyper-Personalisation

The Curse Of Hyper-Personalisation

Personalised content is proving an effective way to gain consumer trust and loyalty. A recent survey[1] found that half of customers would use a retailer again if it presented them with personalised offers on right away.

But storing and processing the amount of data needed to personalise your marketing approach is a mountain to climb – especially when you figure in the processes involved at scale.

Global marketing campaigns can add even more complexity to the process, with more publishers, red tape, formats, data siloes and usage rights to manage.

How did we get here?

When the worlds of creativity and data combined to produce highly targeted, personalised content, it was a double-edged sword for those in marketing.

Personalisation was great for boosting engagement levels – but the logistics of fulfilling the supply of content in the right format at the right time piled more pressure on already busy marketers.

Add to this the democratisation of content on a global scale and the faster, cheaper rate of content production, and that mountain can seem insurmountable.

How to tame the beast

So, what can be done to manage the tremendous volumes of incoming, personalised content? Turning video and audio into lean, mean snippets ready for broadcast across national and international markets is a monstrous task – but one that you can tackle head on with the right mix of talent and tech.

Upskilling the people

Marketers agree that one of the largest obstacles in the path towards hyper-personalisation is the skills gap to gathering and analysing customer data[2].

While analytics and creative remain two separate entities, there’s also a blockage in communicating the most pertinent pieces of data to creative. Teach your marketers how to take their fine-toothed comb to the data and you’ll have more chance of discovering that killer USP.

Store and Standardise

You need storage that’s robust enough to handle the constant influx of data, while formatting and categorising it efficiently enough for faster and easier access. Deploy artificial intelligence for managing a never-ending flow of inbound data at scale. In its simplest terms, you can teach it what to look for and let it loose on the data.

Set your own parameters and guidelines for broadcast-quality footage, subtitles and music cues, and much more – so your content is optimised before you’ve even accessed it. Then use your rules to easily locate specific clips and cuts, and share them with the relevant teams for further development.

Special delivery

By the time your content has been reconfigured, analysed and signed off by stakeholders, you’ll have a sleek and shiny piece of content ready to deliver to market.

Retaining creative control over the final product is essential. As is being sure you’ve got each individual element in place to solve the little quirks and conundrums that crossing international boundaries tends to throw up, such as differing usage rights in each country and making sure it’s in the right format for each market and distributor.

Read our guide to the rest of the essentials for ad delivery.

A blessing in disguise

Hyper-personalisation can seem like the most headache-inducing exercise for marketers, but the stats don’t lie: the average attention span is eight seconds[3]. That means you’ve got less than eight seconds to really grab the audience attention.

Hyper-personalising your message using a clear understanding of a customer’s pain points is the most efficient way to gain and retain interest.

Hyper-personalisation doesn’t mean scaling back on the ads you deliver, either – up to 40% of ads are used only once and in only one market[4]. It just means your processes need to be sharper. Using the right combination of tech tools and talent will leave your agency leaner and meaner, and ready to deliver content where it counts.




[4] Read our guide




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